Working Alone…not Connected

Do You Have a Lot of Loose Pieces ?

A story of how in the renovation work of our home this spring…the analogy of the electrical being in place, with many pieces, but not connected, reminded me of how we find ourselves in business at times.    This 4 minute video speaks to that.

Bringing all the Loose Ends Together

working alone but not connected...Hopefully none of us have electrical panels that look like this, but…sometimes our business collection of courses, books, strategies feel like this jumble of switches and wires.

Having knowledge is never a mistake.  However, forever being a student of marketing, a consumer of webinars, attending live events…without setting a course of action to accomplish goals, leaves you feeling like you’re in a jumble of information.

I recently became a participant in a generic network marketing group that takes all these pieces and puts things into order, challenging members to take action.  Daily training for professional network marketing is provided, mindset training is covered. Then a simple action step is provided for both the novice and veteran marketer to achieve that day.

That’s what I’m referring to with regards to being connected.

Find a group, either within your MLM, your business team, your family to keep you accountable for action.  Better yet have that training and narrow focus on your business to motivate you.  Creating simple habitual business activities that become daily disciplines.

A coach is always a great investment especially if you are working part time.  There is no better way to keep on target and stay connected with your business.

Order and Results Can be Achieved

When you decide what the most important tasks for your business are every single day.  Those actions that move you towards making money, these tasks can be listed in priority.  Perhaps start with two, to avoid overwhelm.  Is it calling customers thanking them for their loyalty?  Is it reaching out to people on your favorite Social Media platform to make new connections.  Whatever it is, be consistent.

Soon the seeming chaos and disorder will have order and you will see results.  These results will keep you connecting with your team, your new customers and feeling connected to yourself, your mission and goals.

Email or PM me if you are looking for ways to be connected.

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