Writer’s Block…Do You Struggle With It?

Writer's Block...Do You Struggle With It?How You Can Overcome Writer’s Block

Eric Walker is the Director of Content Marketing and all things related to content in the world renown training platform, Daily Marketing Coach.  He teaches on writing from an experience of 10 years being an educator, 5 years working free lance and for top internet marketers.

He has some profound but simple solutions for those long silent periods when the screen stays blank because your brain does not connect with your pen or keyboard. Writer’s block.

Use that “Writing Muscle” to Conquer Writer’s Block

We all talk all day long…blogging is really the experience of sitting down to coffee or tea with your best friend and maybe, Ideal Customer! Write as though you are talking to this individual.  After all, we know that marketing has to be targeted to one person, it’s easier to write when you know who you’re talking too.

Listen to this interview as Eric speaks to this topic.

Taking Eric’s strategy for getting over writer’s block will help you to consistently create new content for your marketing. 

If you want to hear the entire interview in one sitting, watch it here on Ann Sieg’s blog.

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  1. Pat, this was a very valuable four minutes. Thanks for sharing this with his. Best Wishes, Always G. Boyce Bazzell (Bazz)

    • Bazz I’m honoured to have you as a guest on my blog. Thank you for sharing some your valuable time watching the video. I thought Eric had some great tips.

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