You ARE the CEO!

You Are the CEO!Me CEO?

Have you given some thought to what it means to be the CEO of your business? No matter how small or how big it is, when you are owner of the business, you are also the Chief Executive Officer.

At first that sounds mighty fine! Answer to no one, set your own time, do your own thing! But wait…there’s something pretty dangerous about that view of your business.

If we think that saying good by to the 9-5 Monday to Friday boss is a kick, just think of what your new boss is going to be like!


New boss?

Yes, you are now your own new boss! That means success rises and falls on your ability to lead well…starting with yourself.

Here is the first thing to consider setting yourself up as the CEO of your business. Have you written a job description for yourself?

That’s ok. Not many think of putting on paper a job description.

Let’s consider that for a bit. I’m going to write a series of posts to cover the topic.


This is your business, your life and future.

Always be thinking through your business.

What I mean by that is to collect information about other successful leaders in your company to see what they are doing to see growing results. Monitor what your competitors are doing. You can learn from that and give an edge to your own business.

Attend Live Events for your company. As CEO, networking with others, being inspired, promote and bring your team to as many gatherings as possible. “The team that goes…grows”.

If your business has publications, read them. Read industry magazines like “Success” by Darren Hardy, Inc… As CEO stay on top of industry trends so you can lead your team…even if it’s only you to begin with! You will continue to grow.

Keep current with the world news.  You can see opportunities to serve by offering to solutions to those who are finding shifts in their economic future.

In other words, commit to continued learning. Rather than becoming comfortable in old routines, make a decision to stay in front of trends, technology for long term growth and leadership.

It’s an opportunity to discover all that is within you!





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