You Know More Than You Think

You Know More Than You Think

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It Seems Like a Whirl of Info But…

Whether you are a brand new business owner; or you have been in business for yourself awhile as a student of business, it’s the same.  The early steep learning curve. Learning to build a sales process, getting online with your business…it’s my guess you’ve read articles, books, attended webinars and bought training of some sort.

I know that it can quickly feeling like overwhelm, or the fire hose of too much too fast.  However as  you begin to slowly, tentatively start putting into practice some of the new tools you’ve bought or have been trained in, it starts to make a difference.    Just like this elephant in this picture who can see everything…you begin to see the big picture too.

The spinning vortex of enthusiasm, information, obstacles, encouragement all begin to slow down and you are seeing shape take place in a system for your business.

How long does it take?

You may be very pleasantly surprised how much edge you can achieve in your circle of influence in just a short time.  I was talking with a former client of mine today from a year ago.  She was offering tutoring for someone considering using the same platform as her.  That was just 12 months of working in a brand new software and she was ready to teach some else. She quickly moved from spinning, to clarity in what she was doing.

You Do Know More

Work in Confidence

If I have regretted anything in the Online space, it is the fact that I stepped out in 2010. I stopped the momentum of relationships I had; stopped being present. Take from that lesson that there is the “compound effect” Darren Hardy writes about. Your knowledge base grows one step at a time, your level of influence grows. Don’t let that stop. You know more than you think.  You have value to offer to those people who need your solutions to their problem.

Now, if you do feel that you’re spinning your wheels some, then there is a solution for that. Let’s talk about that in a short Strategy Session.

Just be reassured that if you’re here, reading this and other posts like it?  You know more than you think!

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