Your Business Needs This!

Your Business Needs ThisExercise!

If you’re finding yourself sitting for hours on end in front of a screen, your brain, your bottom and your health needs you to move!

Getting up every 30 minutes or so, just to get a drink of water works.  There is something about getting away from the computer that shifts productivity.

Trust me, I went through a season of not listening to my own advice and I paid the price!  A good sized bottom spread, unhappy family members…work got done, but at a price!

I’m not saying that you have to subscribe to a gym, a personal trainer, wear the right clothes and on and on.

I’msimply  suggesting getting out of your desk chair parked in front of the computer screen and move around the house or yard for 10 minutes at least every 30 minutes.

Here’s a few thoughts while walking on the pictured trail behind our house…watch this…

Walking is Enough

Even if you can Schedule 20- 30 minutes 5 x weekly!  Walk around the block!  Do the stairwells…anything to move.

This article expands the discussion of exercise to include food and sleep.  All 3 are important to control stress and maintain productivity.  We take our physical body for granted too much.  We can achieve whatever we set our minds to do…but choose not to do so at the expense of your health.

Any thoughts about this? Let’s talk about it below…
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