Your List, is The Most Valuable Asset of Your Business

The Main Reason to Market Online is to Build a List!

You don’t have a list? You will.  That is why you are here, committing yourself to Your List, is The Most Valuable Asset of Your Businessthe learning curve of building your business online.  The sole purpose of all the work to build an online presence is to attract your Ideal Client to your stuff and have them give you their name and email. That will happen. Your list will begin and grow.
 Now the work to be done is to deliver on your promises to your list. You have the opportunity through your list to build trust and brand loyalty to your subscribers.  That is both a responsibility and a privilege.
Even if your list has one name on it, the work of having an email campaign ready to send is key to an effectively working sales funnel.

Your Email Campaign Builds the Know,Like and Trust Factor

Sometimes we forget about or minimize the power of the email list to build your business.  It is within this list that you continue to build a relationship with your Ideal Client. People are skeptical these days…you have to let them get to know you. If you do that well, they will like and trust you. You make a point of passing on timely and valuable information that solves a problem they have.   That may include giving free information away, or selling them a product they want and need.   
What works well these days (assuming you know your Ideal Client well) is taking a long piece of information you have, say a blog post…and repurpose it.  That is take it and put it into bite size pieces, add a short video, or a relevant link to information leading back you whatever it is you are selling. You wouldn’t sell in every email, but over the course of 10 to 14 days send an email out with sought after information ending each one with a little teaser line to watch for the next days’ segment.
There is a lot of training within Daily Marketing Coach that gives examples of what should be in emails, how to bring your lead to know like and trust you.  The training demonstrates the process of grooming your list to be responsive to sales emails which is the reason you are in business.  
The Daily Marketing Coach goes into detail about the elements necessary in a good email series promoting a product or service. You will see the big picture of how to make your email sequence work for you as well as get the nitty gritty details in the trainings there to setting it up for you
Daily Marketing Coach is a central training site for all things pertaining to online marketing. I encourage you to take a good look at what it offers you for your success here.
Pat Lee

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