Your Unique Selling Proposition Can Change

Your Unique Selling Proposition Can ChangeIt’s Okay To Allow Your USP to Evolve

When you are coming online, or have even been online for awhile, it’s okay to feel like your first direction in your Unique Selling Proposition doesn’t feel right anymore.

You have worked in one area, tested out the market, developed as a person or simply are changing your product or service and there’s a different “side” of you that you want to position yourself as a leader.

Go for it.

Here’s what Curt Johnson says about that.

How Does Your  USP Make a Difference Online?

In online marketing people are choosing you.  If you are not unique enough with your message, you will be over looked.  At the same time, you want to be different enough that your message reaches your target audience. Your USP directs your whole experience with your audience.  Not just your logo, colours, blog set up…but how you talk to your potential lead and customer, choose images for your content, where you get traffic.

Curt Johnson makes this very clear in this video.


Your Niche Grows Out Of Your USP

Part of determining who your niche is going to be is taking time to reflect on your life. As you think back on who your have enjoyed working with, who do you have favor with, what people group shares your values. In this exercise think of who you have  influence with , have you done volunteerism and have a group of people from that?

This is part of determining who your niche is…people who will resonate with your message.

Again…this exercise is one that does well getting feedback from people close to you, finding a mentor or community that is like minded.

For me, I found the training and support I was looking for at a world class training platform, Six Figure Mentors.

You will not find a more comprehensive training, mentoring platform anywhere…if you are looking for a community with template tools to build your online real estate,  check out these details.

Pat Lee


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