Your Voice is Important, Your Message is Heard

This Was a Big Surprise

When we wonder if our voice is important, if in fact we are being heard…here is a story.

Not four weeks ago, I was talking with two people about the seeming changes needed for this blog to update it for today’s audience.  It seemed to me that the style and message was becoming insignificant if not irrelevant to my market.

However, this  week changed everything!

To be listed among the giants in the network marketing industry by an independent panel looking for relevance and criterion that I had no influence over was a wonderful surprise.  In fact, I would have been unaware, except for the notice from a friend.

This blog is 69/100!! That might seem pretty far from #1, but when I think of the thousands of blogs posted, even the number among my own friends…I’m blown away!

Among Giants

To have my name list among the likes of Eric Worre, Ray Higdon, Network Marketing Times, Todd Falcone, Rob Fore, Lisa Torres, Sonia Stringer, Ty Tribble and many many more is amazing to me

The inspiration that comes from knowing that the words penned, the videos uploaded, the images found create meaning and value to the marketplace is humbling.  At the same time, I feel the greater message is to those who question their ability to influence their world, is “stop”.

Stop questioning the value of who you are.

Stop questioning the relevance of your message.

Stop, each one of us has an important voice that must be heard by those who search.

Stop doubting the possibilities that are before you, be willing to do the work.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

You may not choose to have a blog, but if you’re here, you have some platform through which you can influence others. Make it happen.  Your voice is important, your message must be heard.

Consider The Possibilities

When your voice is heard, when your message is showing up in the google search because it is important and people are keying in those words…consider the possibilities.  There are countless numbers of people online every hour of the day looking for the one person who connects with them and their need.  Looking for the solution to their problem   You could be that person.

So always remember, your voice is important and your message needs to be heard.


I have a home business, if you’re looking and are curious…I invite you to connect with me.

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